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This page is for the conference that was held in Monterey, California
May 17-18, 1999

The Conference:

This conference is for the individual or organisation who wants or needs the vision and skills to manage globalisation with an intelligent and coherent strategy.

We live on a shrinking planet. All the nations and peoples of the world are becoming interconnected at many different levels. Your organisation may be operating in a 100 or more countries all over the planet: East ... West ... Industrialised and two-thirds world nations alike. But the balance is changing - yesterdays developing nation could be tomorrows Internet society. One place that was not a market yesterday could be a thriving market tomorrow.

The process of globalisation is inevitable. A key indicator of this phenomenon is the growth and accessibility of the global marketplace. To participate, it requires changing our products, our marketing, our processes, and especially our strategies.

Most importantly, managing globalisation calls for a different attitude and a new type of leader. This conference, the first of its type ever offered, provides an opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills as you learn from recognised masters of globalisation. Leadership is more than just managing. It requires vision, knowledge, and wisdom. This conference is designed for people like you, who desire to increase their leadership skills and cache of resources in the area of globalisation.


Today, there are several public forums where one can learn about technical aspects of internationalisation, the linguistic and process aspects of localisation, or the intricacies  of international marketing or finance.  But very few opportunities exist for the individual to learn and grow in the area of managing the process and infrastructures of globalisation.

We have assembled a group of speakers with profound leadership responsibilities along with a breadth and depth of experiences from which we all can benefit.

Unlike other conferences, which inundate you with information, then set you loose with your newly-filled brain to digest the content for your own situation, we have designed the venue for this event to foster peer-level discussion and feedback. 

Each session will provide time for the presentation of a problem set, case-study, or solutions, with discussion time, where you apply the concepts and issues presented in your specific industry or corporate culture.   The sessions end with time for group discussion, led by the session leader to wrap up the concepts.



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Program Committee:

Dr. Douglas-Val Ziegler

Michael G. McKenna, P.E.

Manager, Globalisation Engineering Operations
Xerox Corporation

Globalisation Strategist
Sybase, Inc.

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